I’m a New Christian, What in the world do I do now?

I’m a New Christian, What in the world do I do now?




“I believe that we come to Jesus not because we are perfect and now want a relationship with Jesus, but that we are broken and need to start a relationship with Him to find a way to be put back together.”

“I have found that most new Christians, for some reason or another, have baggage that they cannot easily get rid of by themselves.”

See if any of these apply to you and you will know why you need to pick up this book and take it home with you.

  • Do you feel as if everyone around you must be happy for you to be happy?
  • Do you feel as if you are the one in your family that is responsible for the wellbeing of everyone else, and if they are not being taken care of, or if their lives are wrecks, you are the one to jump in and fix it?
  • Are there certain things from your past that still affect you on a daily basis?
  • Are you still haunted by something that happened in your past?
  • Do you still have problems forgiving someone who hurt you?
  • Do you still feel like a flat tire on the highway of life, or a hole on the inside of a donut?
  • Do you struggle with believing in God, because He is a man and most of the men in your life mistreated you?
  • Do you have trouble with some kind of addiction in your life? That addiction could be anything from drugs, alcohol, sex, overeating, gambling, or simply bad relationships?
  • Do you suffer from obsessive-compulsive behavior?
  • Do you feel that you are not worthy of God’s love?

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