About Fuzzy Lake, ICISF

(International Critical Incident Stress Foundation)
Certified Trainer

Fuzzy has a heart for Critical Incident Stress Management in all aspects of helping professions. Fuzzy resides in South Carolina with his spouse, two grown children, and three grandchildren. Fuzzy has been involved in Crisis Management with Police, Medical, Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Sheriff Dept., and Emergency Services for over 25 years. He has been deeply involved in Critical Incident Stress Management for 14 years and is highly trained in all aspects of Crisis Intervention.

He was involved with the Indiana State Police and served on the Indiana State Police Critical Incident Debriefing Team for 9 years.

Fuzzy has been training first responders in Critical Incident Stress Management for over 12 years now.

He currently certified to train in the following courses that are related to this field;
• Group Crisis Intervention
• Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support
• School Crisis Intervention, From Theory to Application
• Advanced Individual Crisis Intervention and peer support
• GRIN – Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention Combined

This training was all received through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Fuzzy is available to come to your location to train your staff and/or hold training for those who would like to have this specialized training. Fuzzy conducts a Group Crisis Intervention and Assisting Individuals in Crisis Class 4 times a year in the Myrtle Beach area.

Fuzzy has an MDiv in Addiction Intervention and Grief Counseling, along with the above training. Fuzzy is also a Certified Grief Worker and a Certified Professional Chaplain.

Certificates Awarded and Resume

Addiction and Recovery Certificate

ICISF Instructors Certificate for Group Crisis Intervention

Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support Approved Instructor Program

Fuzzy Lake Resume

Diploma in Biblical Counseling

School Crisis Response Training

ICISF Suicide Certificate

*Certificates presented upon request


If you have any questions or would like more information about training or consultation, please do not hesitate to email or call (1-765-265-1656) anytime.