John Melby


I have significant experience as a trainer, college professor, course designer/developer and more. A tiny number of the many instructors I have worked with match your competence as a teacher.

Your history and experience play a huge part of that as you know. Your story telling abilities, delivery style, general competence and 'extreme', sincere attention to each member of the class was a true 'amazing' to me...and it all seemed so natural to you.

John Melby

Lisa Young

Fuzzy is a fantastic teacher for this class because he has had many years of first hand experience in dealing with people in crisis situations.  He is a strong leader and is great at leading a group of varied individuals.  His stories make the textbook come alive and gives the students a taste of real life scenarios.  Being from Hawaii, we had to attend class at 2:30am Hawaii time, but because his class was so interesting and engaging, we had no problem in staying awake and finishing the entire three day stretch.  I would highly recommend Fuzzy Lakes class to anyone who is interested in helping people in crisis.

Clayton Young

I attended a Crisis Intervention class taught by Fuzzy Lake on April 29-May 1, 2021.  The class was informational, educational and heartfelt.  Even though we started each class at 2:30am (Hawaii time), we looked forward to each session.  We learned a lot and the class surely equipped us for assisting those in crisis.  The RITS, Defusing, and Debriefing sessions and Role Playing was as much fun as it was instrumental.  As stated in my evaluation, the instructor Fuzzy Lake “made the class”.  He kept us interested throughout the sessions and he made it pertinent to “real life” situations.  I highly recommend this class to anyone preparing for Crisis Intervention.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Burcham
I highly recommend Fuzzy Lake for CISM training! I have worked with him, been trained by him and have been actively involved with him in doing CISM groups. He is an excellent trainer and does excellent CISM work!
Jeff R.
My name is Jeff Rader and I have been involved with a law enforcement CISM team for approximately a decade now. I am the team leader for a central Indiana team and worked side by side with Fuzzy for several years. During this time it became apparent to me that Fuzzy was very well versed and trained in CISM.

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