Amz – London, England

I recently completed CISM training with Fuzzy and I couldn't be more impressed! From start to finish, the experience was exceptional. Fuzzy was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly engaging, making complex concepts easy to understand. The course material was well-organized and presented in a way that allowed me to absorb the information effectively. Additionally, the hands-on activities and practical exercises provided valuable real-world experience. Fuzzy went above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns I had along the way. Overall, I highly recommend Fuzzy to anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Thank you for a fantastic learning journey!

Michael Rodriguez, Kaneohe, Hawaii

I just wrapped up a three-day Crisis Intervention course with Lake CISM. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching style, expertise and knowledge of Mr. Fuzzy Lake. He is prepared and super experienced not only in teaching this course but also putting it into practice. I feel confident that I can now put into practice my own crisis intervention as needed, 
using the tools provide in this course!

In my decade as Fire Chaplain, I've always struggled with what to say, when to say it, and when to listen. This class taught me not only the basics in Crisis Intervention, but gave me understanding of its simplicity. Fuzzy Lake took the stress out of the classroom as he showed us how to take the stress out of crisis events.

Molly Keller, LPC, CEAP, SAP

Fuzzy is a special person and a phenomenal trainer. There is a lot of content to cover in this training, and he delivers it in well-managed segments of time, using demonstration and role-play to make it digestible and easier to assimilate. Anyone doing critical incident response should be required to take this training.

Traci Rhone, MSc., LMHC., CEAP

The individual and group crisis intervention conference that I attended this weekend was phenomenal.  I learned so much from Fuzzy Lake! Let’s just call him… The CISD God.  It was intense and amazing! This course will change your professional, and maybe even your personal life.  The content is well organized and focused on practical situations. Thank you so much Fuzzy!

Jason Hernandes
I recently attended a Critical Incident Stress Management course with Fuzzy Lake as the instructor, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the experience.
 Fuzzy's expertise in crisis management is evident, having worked with various emergency services, medical teams, and police departments for over 25 years. During the three-day course, we covered a broad range of topics, including group crisis intervention and assisting individuals in crisis.
Fuzzy's approach to teaching was engaging and comprehensive, ensuring that everyone in the class understood the material thoroughly.
The program highlighted the core elements of a systematic crisis intervention curriculum, and we learned about psychological crisis intervention, basic communication techniques, and common behavioral crisis reactions. Fuzzy was also a great resource for learning about the various certifications related to this field. His passion for crisis management was evident throughout the course, and he was always available to answer any questions or provide additional information.
 Overall, I would highly recommend Fuzzy Lake as an instructor for any Critical Incident Stress Management course. His knowledge and experience in the field make him an excellent resource for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of crisis intervention techniques in various industries.
Catrenia Daniels

I took the CISM last week with Fuzzy being the instructor. There was a lot of information, and he did a great job of explaining and showing us through role play. He didn't hesitate to answer any questions we had to ask. It was an honor to be a part of this class and learn by Fuzzy. I would recommend this class to anyone who works with the public.

Tory Buchan

The CISM training was intense, but very thorough. I believe that I will be able to implement this training in my interactions with staff as well as personal relationships. I am happy to have attended. Fuzzy was a very interactive teacher and made the class time go fast. He is so knowledgeable on this topic and you can tell that he is a caring and compassionate person.

Robinn Mitchell, MSW, LSW, County Director Bowen Center

I completed the Critical Incident Stress Management training class last week that was taught by Fuzzy Lakes. I have been wanting to take this class for several years. Fuzzy did not disappoint and I feel blessed to have been part of this class. He was an excellent instructor. He educated, role- played and encouraged us so that we would feel confident in any situation. I would recommend this class to any professional who works with people.

Thank you so much Fuzzy! I truly enjoyed myself and learning from you!

Eddie Marlowe, Long View Police Department, Longview, NC

Thank You Fuzzy and Lake Critical Incident Stress Management for coming to Lenoir, NC to teach CISM this week! I learned a lot and will put the information to great use in my career and in my community.


Danielle Calabro, SC DSS

I recently had the opportunity to take a 3 day CISM course taught by Fuzzy Lake. I cannot say enough about the high caliber course he puts on. I learned so much and gained very relevant skills that will help me personally as well as assist me in supporting my peers and the folks I work with. Fuzzy's teaching style is appreciated, and he is able to teach to all the different people in the room, no matter what their background. This is the best training I have had the opportunity to be a part of, and I am so thankful to have all these new tools in my toolbox.

Rudy Jagermauth

Fuzzy conducted a very informative and professional class. This is an excellent service/tool that can be applied to your organization/department. There is a need for these types of services especially in todays climate (Speaking from a law enforcement and first responder perspective). thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience Fuzzy.

Heather Ravnan

Fuzzy breaks down the material in a way that is easy to learn, using his many years of experience to provide examples that help you see how to apply the concepts to real situations.  He creates opportunities to practice the skills, so by the time you leave the class you feel more confident in your ability to use what you’ve learned.  His teaching style is inclusive and engaging, and he is happy to answer questions.  It is obvious that he has a true passion for crisis intervention, and I would highly recommend his classes.

Raul Lopez

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

As a new member of a law enforcement CISM team I attended a CISM training course with Instructor Fuzzy Lake from 11/18-11/20/2021. The course provides vital information for any CISM team getting off the ground and Fuzzy Lake does an amazing job at not only relying this information but also in a manner that this information can be easily processed. Fuzzy Lake allows to conversation to flow easy which produces a great learning atmosphere. Would recommend this course and Fuzzy Lake to a new CISM member or anyone looking to sharpen up their skills.

Andrew Johansen

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Fuzzy is a great instructor, very knowledgeable, & no nonsense kind of guy. The Group & Individual crisis management was one of the most beneficial classes I’ve taken in my peer / chaplaincy career. It is filled with relevant life experience stories, interactive thinking, & full of opportunities to practice the skills learned in the course. I high recommend this course if you are interested in chaplaincy, peer support, or have a heart for your fellow employees & would like to know how to help meet them where they are in their struggle

James Wilmot

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Fuzzy Lake is an excellent instructor who not only "talks the talk but walks the walk". He is a humble, competent and compassionate man of God.
I learned so much from his class that has helped my growth as a chaplain.

Rori Bailey

Fuzzy Lake is a wonderful and well-qualified professional teacher. His passion and personal experience in the field was evident in his training course. I would recommend his CISM Training class on Crisis Intervention to all professionals looking to expand their knowledge of Crisis Intervention. The three-day course is packed with a lot of valuable information, real life scenarios and role-play/rehearsal activities.

Samantha Lamers
Fuzzy was extremely knowledgeable and made for a fun and interactive classroom environment. A reputable source for all things CISM.
Stacey Spray

This course was incredibly practical and informative! Fuzzy the instructor is wonderful and very relatable. I feel more comfortable about leading people on my own since going through this course! I highly recommend taking it.

Shawn Norton
The class was excellent, Fuzzy was very organized and professional. Clearly he knew the content and did a great job of teaching and explaining it, along with sharing his own experience.
Lislie Cover
I took a CISM class April 7-9h in Myrtle Beach, SC. Fuzzy was a great instructor, prepared, made it interesting especially when he worked real life stories and experience into the instruction. The role playing was also very helpful, it put the instruction into real life, which is better than just verbal.
I am a licensed Chaplain and can see how what we learned over the three day course will not only help me to be a better Chaplain but also it can be used in my everyday life with family and friends. Thank you Fuzzy, I look forward to joining your team.
Lislie Cover
Tammy Price
Fuzzy is an amazing instructor! All the course materials were presented in an easily discernible way. He taught the materials & showed us how to use it. Whatever learning style you like, he covers them all! The added tools I now have in my belt as a BG-RRT Chaplain have given me the necessary confidence & capability to help others walk through crisis.
I would recommend Lake Critical Incident Stress Management to anyone looking for impactful training for themselves & their teams to help and serve their communities, coworkers & families with valuable information and simple yet extremely effective processes.
Thank you for equipping me to better serve!
Michael Beck

Excellent class, highly recommended!

John Melby


I have significant experience as a trainer, college professor, course designer/developer and more. A tiny number of the many instructors I have worked with match your competence as a teacher.

Your history and experience play a huge part of that as you know. Your story telling abilities, delivery style, general competence and 'extreme', sincere attention to each member of the class was a true 'amazing' to me...and it all seemed so natural to you.

John Melby

Lisa Young

Fuzzy is a fantastic teacher for this class because he has had many years of first hand experience in dealing with people in crisis situations.  He is a strong leader and is great at leading a group of varied individuals.  His stories make the textbook come alive and gives the students a taste of real life scenarios.  Being from Hawaii, we had to attend class at 2:30am Hawaii time, but because his class was so interesting and engaging, we had no problem in staying awake and finishing the entire three day stretch.  I would highly recommend Fuzzy Lakes class to anyone who is interested in helping people in crisis.

Clayton Young

I attended a Crisis Intervention class taught by Fuzzy Lake on April 29-May 1, 2021.  The class was informational, educational and heartfelt.  Even though we started each class at 2:30am (Hawaii time), we looked forward to each session.  We learned a lot and the class surely equipped us for assisting those in crisis.  The RITS, Defusing, and Debriefing sessions and Role Playing was as much fun as it was instrumental.  As stated in my evaluation, the instructor Fuzzy Lake “made the class”.  He kept us interested throughout the sessions and he made it pertinent to “real life” situations.  I highly recommend this class to anyone preparing for Crisis Intervention.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Burcham
I highly recommend Fuzzy Lake for CISM training! I have worked with him, been trained by him and have been actively involved with him in doing CISM groups. He is an excellent trainer and does excellent CISM work!
Jeff R.
My name is Jeff Rader and I have been involved with a law enforcement CISM team for approximately a decade now. I am the team leader for a central Indiana team and worked side by side with Fuzzy for several years. During this time it became apparent to me that Fuzzy was very well versed and trained in CISM.

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